The Neurophysiological Biomarker Toolbox (NBT)

The NBT GUI and loading a NBT Signal

To start the NBT GUI, type NBT in the Matlab command window. The GUI looks like this:

The pipeline from data storage to statistics that NBT offers can be performed from within the GUI, by following the several submenus from the GUI main menu:
-File (e.g., if you want to import your data into NBT format, go to File|Import files into NBT format)
-Visualization (for several plotting options)
-Pre-processing (for artifact rejection)
-Compute biomarkers (for computation on the current NBT Signal (Compute biomarkers|For current NBT Signal), or on multiple NBT Signals (Compute biomarkers|For multiple NBT Signal)
-Biomarker statistics (for group statistics of the biomarkers)

The GUI allows you to have one current NBT Signal to visualize, reject artifacts and compute biomarkers from. If your data is not in NBT format yet, first import your data into NBT format.

There are two ways you can load the current Signal:

  1. Go to File|Load NBT Signal and select the file you want to load (e.g. NBT.S0006.081215.EOR1.mat)
  2. or start EEGlab
    1. Go to EEGlab|Start EEGlab, the EEGlab window will appear as in the following figure
    2. Go to NBT|File|Load NBT Signal

When loading you need to select the Signal file (i.e. NBT.S0006.081215.EOR1.mat), the Info file (i.e. NBT.S0006.081215.EOR1_info.mat) will be loaded automatically with the Signal file

Start EEGlab from within the NBT GUI

EEGlab is an open source Matlab toolbox for the processing of EEG signals. If you click EEGlab|Start EEGlab; EEGlab will start, and your current NBT Signal will be converted to EEGlab format. The NBT GUI will disappear. You can undock and dock the NBT GUI by clicking NBT| Menu Tools|Undock NBT in EEGlab. In the NBT menu in EEGlab you can reopen the NBT GUI, convert back to NBT format and close EEGlab, by clicking NBT|Menu Tool|Close EEGlab, open NBT. When going back to NBT, you will be asked to save your data with another name such as CleanSignal or ICASignal, this is not necessary when you use the EEGlab interface only for visualization.

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