The Neurophysiological Biomarker Toolbox (NBT)

Selecting Biomarkers

When comparing biomarkers we use two methods; Spearman correlation and TTest after splitting.
To save on time, we always compute both correlations, However we only show you the results of the test you selected. For this region you should always choose carefully the biomarker that you want to split on, and set a corresponding splitting type and value

Select Biomarker to split on

This is the biomarker that will be used to split the group in into two groups. It is used for the ttest after splitting test. See how to set splitting for more information on splitting into groups

Select Comparison Biomarker

After choosing the biomarker to split on we can now choose the biomarker that we want to compare to the biomarker that we split on. One of these two biomarkers must always be the rsq.answers biomarker, which contains the ARSQ scores.

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