The Neurophysiological Biomarker Toolbox (NBT)


NBT uses the NBTdatabase to store meta data. This data is used in, e.g., the analysis and visualization tools to display correct legends.

The NBTdatabase consists of nbt_Info objects.


The NBTdatabase is build as an relational database with nbt_Info.ProjectID, nbt_Info.SubjectID, and nbt_Info.Condition as primary keys.

Meta data exists on four levels:

nbt_Info object stored in ProjectInfo.mat

with this information

  • Project ID
  • Project description
  • Researcher ID
  • Description of Conditions

nbt_Info object stored in each Subject folder in the SubjectInfo.mat or if more convenient in each _info file.


  • subject_gender
  • subject_age
  • subject_headsize
  • subject_handedness
  • subject_medication
  • notes
  • Session log

The subject meta information is bound to the project information via the nbt_Info.ProjectID field.

For each signal a corresponding _info file is stored with meta data. This file is bound to the Subject via the nbt_Info.SubjectID field, and condition via the nbt_Info.ProjectID and ConditionID.

How to delete all nbt_info objects

You can delete all nbt_info files (i.e your whole NBTdatabase) using the nbt_DeleteInfoFiles.


The NBTdatabase has a GUI, which can be used either from the NBT GUI menu Database tool|NBTdatabase, or by the command nbt_NBTdb

The NBTdatabase GUI has a build-in logbook function.

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