The Neurophysiological Biomarker Toolbox (NBT)

List of NBT terms with explanations


Biomarker object The nbt_biomarker object defines the basic structure of biomarkers in NBT. New biomarker objects should be build on this object.

Bazaar Bazaar is a version control system. NBT uses Bazaar to keep track of changes in its code. See more Short introduction to version control


EEGlab EEGlab is a well-developed matlab toolbox for EEG analysis. NBT uses different functions from EEGlab, and also integrates as a plugin into EEGlab's GUI.

Experimental branch NBT has an experimental branch of code, which we (the NOC group at CNCR) do not release externally because the code is still very experimental.


NBT Analysis file Contains biomarker values, stored in NBT Biomarker objects . An analysis has the '_analysis' string in its file name.

NBT Analysis function Matlab script to compute biomarkers. See for template … and for example …

NBT Biomarker object Biomarkers are stored in NBT Biomarker objects. See for template… and for example example …

NBT Database The NBT Database consists of meta-data about your NBT project. All meta-data are stored in Info objects and Info files. See more NBTdatabase.

NBTcompute NBTcompute is a function in NBT that computes biomarkers using your NBTRunAnalysis script.

NBT Info file Matlab file that contains a NBT Info object. The name of a NBT Info file contains the following fields: projectID, subjectID, date, and condition, and ends with _Info, for example RSQ01.S0099.090212.EOR2_Info.

NBT Info object Object that contains info about the recordings in the corresponding NBT Signal file. In addition NBTdatabase uses the files: ProjectInfo.mat, and SubjectInfo.mat for Project and Subject meta-data. See more about NBTdatabase, How to use the NBTdatabase logbook [in development], and nbt_Info.

NBTelements NBT uses NBTelements to create a search tree database of biomakers. This database is used by NBT analysis functions to perform analysis on biomarkers. NBTelements can also be used as a database for other data than biomarkers.

NBT Signal file Matlab file that contains a NBT Signal matrix, in which each column represents a signal. The name of a NBT Signal file contains the following fields: projectID, subjectID, date, and condition, for example RSQ01.S0099.090212.EOR2

NBTstable branch The NBTstable branch is the public code branch of NBT. At the point of release this code is being exported.

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