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Advanced Human Neurophysiology 2013

For the 2013 course, we performed several experiments. The file follow a strict file-name structure allowing you to quickly identify what you may be interested in.

<Project ID>.<Subject ID>.<YYYYMMDD>.<condition>

For 2013, depending on whether the file belongs to Richard's feedback conditions or Mona's mind wandering, the project ID's are:

  • AHN13MW

and the condition IDs are, e.g.:

  • AHN13MW.S0001.20131204.ECR (eyes-closed rest condition)
  • AHN13MW.S0001.20131204.EOR (eyes-open rest condition)
  • AHN13MW.S0001.20131204.MWA
  • AHN13MW.S0001.20131204.MWV
  • AHN13MW.S0001.20131204.EOC (1 minute Eyes Open and Eyes Closed)
  • AHN13MW.S0001.20131204.FBS (feedback with sound)
  • AHN13MW.S0001.20131204.FOB (Focus on breathing)
  • AHN13MW.S0001.20131204.LHR (squeezing left hand)
  • AHN13MW.S0001.20131204.RHR (squeezing right hand)
  • AHN13MW.S0001.20131204.SEL (focus on Self)
  • AHN13MW.S0001.20131204.TOM (Theory of mind)

e.g., AHN13MW.S0001.20131205.ECR indicates a file recorded for the AHN13 mind-wandering project for subject 0001 on 5th December 2013 under condition “eyes-closed rest”.

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