The Neurophysiological Biomarker Toolbox (NBT)

Contact and feedback

Plese write any questions/comments to [email protected] You can also sign up for the help maillist Sign up here and report bugs at our Bug report form.

Use this form NBT feedback to give us feedback, and if you have suggestions for new biomarkers use > The NBT biomarker suggestions form

Development team

Please read about the NBT research version here. Also check the available positions or internships page at NBT Analytics.

You are also welcome to submit a pull request to the NBT public version on Github.

Edit NBT wiki content

Do you want to edit content on the NBT wiki? Please write an email to Simon-Shlomo Poil > Click here to reveal address.

Share data

Sharing data is a good way of finding new collaborators. We would be happy to make your data in NBT format available via this site. Please write a mail to Simon-Shlomo Poil > Click here to reveal address.

News letter

Low volume NBT news letter with important annoucements. Sign up here.

General comments

For general comments, feedback, and suggestions, please write below:

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